Monday, July 8, 2013

me & the norm of life.

I quotes my own instead of using other's because they couldn't show how I really feel. My life isn't as flowery & beautiful all the way as you thought. No one is. I love to write because writing is one of the best part of me, to spill rainbows and rain and everything I could either in a piece of paper or in my blog. Because it makes me feel better. Because they are nice, because they are my masterpiece & because they belongs to my thought, I delivered them from within me & I choose to open up about them in my blog. They are my babies. My thought is my babies. I sing I dance because I can because that way I could release everything I can and that way I fight against everything that against me. The tension thoughts, the tension problems, and all the bloody tensions, they are not anyone best friend. I love to read, reading is the best part of living. You read you gained some, and in order for you to generate new ideas, you need to read something, just something. Sometimes I don't speak, I choose to be quite in some occasion because I am busy inside my head, you just don't see it. Sometimes I speak too much, people begin to take advantages of me. I speak, it doesn't mean you can hanging in my life already. I am not selfish, but everyone has their limits, I keep myself away not because I am trying to eschew myself from everyone but because I don't want to put my life at risk. I photographs myself because I am not always confident in everything, every photographs I put in the webs shows a bit of my accomplishment that I have faith in me as well. I don't simply put them & went away. I have feelings, feelings are sucks but it's already part of the norm of life. I choose my pathway because I can, because I believe I was made to be happy, fight everything that has decides to crumble them. - Faith chrissabelle edward

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