Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The hardest thing is that feeling when you finally have to say goodbye to everyone and the place you have just started to love and it is where you spent your day with for almost everyday in three months or less. The people, the same people you've been seeing for almost everyday and share the bittersweet of positive and negative vibes moments in that considered as long period of time. The environment seemed working really well with my body, the smells of the place. The crowds and the loud hybrid musics - same music everyday. The same casual make up and lipstick color I will put on every morning. The same greetings from 'Hi' to 'Good morning' and 'Bye' from everyone each time they see you. They're the same people, the same people who taught me to be a little friendly than I already was. I have to be honest, I am so grateful to meet all of them, to get to know each one of them, and for the precious experience I just gained I have to say I am blessed. The version of people I have met, they are just way too many and I'm sure will find more in my next journey. I am blessed with a good employer - former. But then again, every hello will always have their 'goodbye'. I am very much gratified to have such amazing experience and I've learnt so much these past few months. It kinda upset me to leave and that's the problem I always have with myself, I am always sad to be leaving. But I have to, because God has sent his angels to build the next paths he has prepared which is destined for me to walk onto, and it's up to me to do the rest of the job which is to grab the challenge and waste no more time. - For now, I am still walking in a pavement that is sure as hell leading me to the stairway of my future.

Faith Chrissabelle Edward 

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