Sunday, June 30, 2013

Orly Halloween Collection

I was browsing through my bloglovin' news feed & found this really good article to be get rid of, the Orly Halloween Collection. I'd always love Orly Collection but never get the chance to have their products because it's kind of hard to look for them in my place and even though maybe I could purchase them on Ebay or online store but plus the price is very much pricey because it's not like any other products, it's branded & it's ORLY! Here's the first glimpse of the new Orly Halloween Collection .

They probably look almost the same & the color can be found anywhere in the beauty store but bear in mind that it's Orly & nothing can beat that one.

The collection only comes with 4 colors, orange punch (bright orange), Melt Your Popsicle (Fluorescent orange), Liquid Vinyl (true black) & Goth (Black base with silver glitter). The difference of the Orange punch & Melt Your Popsicle is the color of the orange punch is more likely to be brighter & it looks like neon but it's not. The color is fabulous. The Liquid Vinyl & Melt Your Popsicle win my heart. 

Source of image : The sunday girl

I was told that the Orly Halloween Collection will be available to purchase by the end of August in US/Canada & September for the UK. I'd always have the affection of fondness of celebrating Halloween but fvck my country don't celebrate it. They'll be having their Halloween party by the end of August & it's cool, really cool thing. Perhaps I could celebrate it myself too. 

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