Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Random thoughts

I am definitely gonna skip all the bloomy-bloomy words for intro and just get straight to the point. I'm in the mood of black and white now. It's not about just the pictures or showing off. It's about the emotion, the overwhelming emotion I have. I start thinking neutrally again because it doesn't hurt, people would say I am heartless, I disagree. I shouldn't be blogging right now as it's actually school day. I wake up early this morning, like early early to get ready for school, fully dressed, but I end up changing my mind, I went back to my bed. I'm not being lazy ass but there are definitely certain reasons why I did. It's none of anybody business. Some people have to look right on themselves in the mirror first before pointing me for my flaws, because I'm still flattering, glittering as much as always, than you the people who couldn't stand my awesomeness. I stick to whatever I want to believes in and proud to say, I didn't just say it for words, I meant it with all my soul. I am unlike any other people out there who ; stating how much they hate fake people, farting mother-loads of advises to poser saying either 'be who you are', 'you are born to be yourself, stop being fake' and most of these can be found mostly either in their Facebook statuses or whatever post, about me section etc. but the frantic part is they are the poser, they're the one whom is fake. Open your eyes and see the game there? They try to get people attention so no one knows who they really are, because they thought people would be just like 'oh this one is good, this one isn't fake'. Well-played but you can't fool me. I'm good in this. This post is actually intended for random thoughts. Having said that, I'm going to move one with the last thought. I'm definitely tired with all the bullsh*t things that happens, frequently, in everywhere I go, but thank God I still got myself under control because if I'm not, I might cut the people in the head

Pardon me for inappropriate words spilled, they just came right away from my thoughts and I have no control of it. After all, you're still in my territory.

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