Friday, April 12, 2013


Hello hello everyone,  I will be writing and giving a little review about a few products I've used. I probably should start with the worst first, 1. Avon clearskin blemishes instant rescue and oil-free balancing lotion, I am so much sensitive when it comes about my skin and I never use any acne or pimples products before and Clearskin was my choice at the sudden chaos, I was in my fresh semester so I try this one and it turns out to be not what I had expected. My pros and cons for these products are, pros : no oily, no greasy feel, both has salicylic and glycolic acid, very little quantity required cons : too harsh for my skin, it stings, skin feels really dry, my skin looked dehydrated. I only use it for 2-3 times and switch to Hada labo arbutin lotion/mosturizer and face wash, the latter are really good and I stick with it until today, I only apply them when I feel like it. The third one will be Himalaya face pack/mask this one too are acne clearing product, darn I should've known my skin are sensitive. This one doesn't work well with me too. Then again I started rolling with clean and clear tonner first, I thought it would be the last one but then it dries the hell out of my skin, I gave it to my sister and her skin loves it at first but she started breakouts after a few weeks of using it. I started using a few random natural home-made mask and my skin loves it so I think I'll have to stick with the routine and probably will post some tips soon, most of them came from fruits and natural herbs so be ready.

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