Sunday, April 14, 2013

Big year

Things aren't always smooth as you expect them to be, you are lucky if you hadn't or haven't expect anything from anything. Twenty thirteen probably the most sickest year, dammit it's been only 4 months now how about the rest? sometimes we complain and people come and tell us that everything will be okay but it still doesn't work because they weren't even in our shoes. People can tell you words you may want to hear but it doesn't work everytime. We may need their words sometimes too probably because we couldn't hear anything more nice as that. I don't live to be content but I live to content myself and do everything I have to as what I'm capable in doing. I was born flawed and still am but I denied because I want to feel content about myself. Once in a while, we couldn't force too much as it could hurt us more if we did, we couldn't give too much because there are times that the result wouldn't be as much as we want them to be. Some couldn't hold 10 positions in one time because they also need spaces to breathe. What is the perfect solution of this? a perfect balance of which is impossible to some. The frantic part is it's April now I've faced stones flood back and forth and fret not it could be cyclone next. After almost thirteen years sitting in class since kindergartens I couldn't believe how well grown I am now, thirteen years is such a very long time. I lost friend and gain some in my entire life I'd never thought I could be friend with. You are not alone, strangers. This is why I love my blog, I spill things and they turn into something worth reading to some. There'll be another six months or less then my future's set. I can already see the picture unless the adjustment bureau story really exist.

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