Thursday, April 18, 2013


I am very much sorry for all the decisions I have chose to made. This personify me as unqualified to be actually handling the job given from the first place. But I never regret of trying. I have tried my best to hold on but I just can't keep holding on forever. I ain't weak, I've tried but it turns out failed so I chose what's best for me. I am deeply sorry for all the consequences I've caused to everyone in the team, especially the teacher who has contribute a lot, at some point the self-esteem you could seen in me today were some I've learned from them, I won't deny that. Perhaps I did this because I really think this is the only choice left from every solutions I have in my brain. I never regret of trying, thank you for all the opportunities that I have been given for all this time. Thank you for giving me the chance to ventured 'things' out like I have never done before and all the trusts were something, really something worth more than a diamonds.

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