Friday, March 29, 2013


The year stated referred to my in loving memory of my dearly Akung's lifetime.  Which is also my great-grandpa, my father side. Who had lived for nearly a centuryHe was called by the Holy Lord a few days earlier during his sleep and painless at presumably 4am. We thank God for the longevity he has given him for all this time as we could spent so much time with him and our CNY's celebrations always happening with him and I know it could be the same without him too. I am almost 19 now and one of the luckiest human being who could had the chance to see their great-grandparent. Akung is a legend to us, a good father, grandpa to my parents and great-grandpa to us. He could still remember each and everyone of his great-grandchildren, he now has 45 of great-grandchildren in total, including myself. He was 98 when he was called to be reunited with my late great-grandma after almost 15 years of separated, my great-grandma died 15 years ago due to some reason and ever since that my great-grandpa living his own in his own house. His house isn't too far from ours, He just doesn't want to live with us, the house he had been living for years has uncountable precious memories to him. My Late Akung is an old Chinese/Dusun, he used to work with the British during their colonialism of this country at the estate, not sure which estate but he met his love which is my great-grandma, there. As we were cleaning his house the other day, we found bunches of so antiques from 70's-90's, from many types of antique massage oil especially to rusty bullet to old Chinese medicine and so on, his house were built for more than hundred years, he made it his own and for his family. He's well disciplined person and everything in his home were well organized. One more thing to be remember, he is a nature-loving and has a good relationship with the animals. Any animals that came to his house, he'll feed them. Surprisingly, he fed ants too. He made wire road for the ants to pass, he fed them sugar, and we named him after Francis of Assisi. Maybe that's why God loves him so much that he willing to let him stay for such a long time, for us and for the animals. I last saw him looking handsomely wearing new suits and shoes and his neckties up. He was such a great man, we love him so much, so much that it's hard for us to face that he's gone. Nonetheless, he's now in a better place and we should be happy and pray for him. I could see how lonely he had been and now he's finally reunited with my great-grandma which I really want see how is that, I really wish to be there and see what's happening to them in the other world, not today or tomorrow, but when the time has come for me then it'll tell. 

photo credits to my Aunt Faye wong

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