Saturday, February 2, 2013

new roles, new reverie, same Faith chrissabelle.

I haven't been in here in such a long time now I'm back with a new roles, new reverie but the same old me yes I said that. I'm being more fond of sleeping, particularly having catnap every afternoon after school is one of my new favorite routine. It started last week when I had this school prefect camping thing-ies. It was my first camp after a very long time. It was really great and far from my prior expectations, camping isn't my thing from the beginning but I can tell you this one is quite different. Everyone's are 98% nice and approachable, it's also my first time of not being a misfits. Maybe I wasn't meant to be one and maybe it happened because I let them to. But I enjoyed doing both, misfits or not, I'm good. We only get two or three hours to sleep so officially, say hello to my adorable eye-bags and darling pimples. It was a tiresome days in my life and I'm sure I still am right now. Believe it or not, love it or not I'm officially good with my new school prefect roles especially in my senior year. It maybe awkward to some especially me to myself, but I'm doing what I have been given. It's really odd and strange for one have to write this, and I'm doing this right now I can't stop giggling but at the same moment I'm being serious. Hard. I think that's enough for whatever I've said at the top. Moving on, I can never be done with red. Thank you to my mother for the new Avon red lipstick she bought for me the other day. A mother always knew what we need.


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