Sunday, February 7, 2016

He's fast asleep tonight, lying beside me safe and sound. 
I could see his forehead puckered, 
puckered into deep folds,
knowing he's having a bad dream so I give him a kiss or two, on his forehead.
Reaching for my body, he gave me a gentle squeeze on my shoulder.
 This man had a long and tiresome day,
 plus the dreadful upset stomach he had to endure for the whole day. 
As I type this, he's tossing and turning, 
I'm here darling, don't fret,
because we're still on the same path reaching for the same goals,
looking and moving forward,
leaving all the darkest past behind us,
things will be how it supposed to be now.
it's 02.30 a.m. ,
and I knew deep down, I will miss him so hard,
 harder than the sun misses the sky at night.

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