Friday, January 22, 2016

Twelve O'clock

Well not really Twelve O'clock. Hello to those who care, it's been awhile. Probably wishing everyone a Happy New Year is a little bit cliche to me or must have been a little too late since it's already mid-January but who cares? Happy two k sixteen everyone. I am back and will post more updates. I've been in a long hiatus, yes quite long for some unknown reason. What brings me back here? it feels like some part of me were missing these past few months, I've been thinking a lot lately, I've been reading things too much it hurts my brain, I really felt like something gone missing and I realize that I've neglected my blog which is also kind of a soulmate of mine since forever. I thought for too long. To clarify this, maybe I've neglected the demons I've always needed to pour out especially in my writing or what do we call it? ( Because I am seriously typing right now ) and they've started to spread their roots all around my head I couldn't take it. I've grown up pouring everything in my blog and suddenly, I stop for not known reason. I've to admit and come clean that, this may be the reason why I am feeling incomplete ever since I stopped. For once, I almost come to a decision to actually closing my blog, that was months ago. But then I thought, I grew up with this. Everything in this is a masterpiece. Sometimes reading back all the old entries I've ever posted made me realize how time flies fast or how mind-blowing it was for me to have posted such a thing in my teen years. I was blunt and a rebel, and I need it now. I am back.

Probably the only recent decent photo I have of myself. Yes no longer that 17y/o kid. That was years ago.

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