Monday, February 9, 2015

That feeling you've been holding to yourself for what seems like eternity. But you didn't bothered yourself thinking about it or feeling about it. Why? Because you seemed to be blended with that kind of feeling already. You're so used to it, it doesn't bother you anymore. You think it was normal, you just think nothing so unusual about it. Because you're blended with it, you accepted it, wholly. Until one day, you got into this one situation and something wakes you up, awakened you from your 'normal' regime. Then you began to contemplate and everything is just so overwhelming, you started to feel the punch within your heart. All the never ending list of feelings started showing up within you and attack you in one swift moves you can't even start to fathom. Then then, you started to have a tad bit sympathy for yourself, but at the same time admiring yourself how strong you've been. Hold on there dear heart, hold on. Keep repeating the mantra, your only prayer. Then you start the next day with waking up in the morning, this time you feel a tad bit good than you were the night before; but 'it's' still there, somewhere, but it's there. But this time -after all the life and self reflection session with yourself alone last night- you know you're evolving. You became bold. You became sentient. You became extra-careful in everything. and the best part of all is you became intrepid and the world agrees with you.
Belle Edwards

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