Monday, February 22, 2016

Heartless (try)

Try to differentiate between what is love and infatuation and what is love and lust. and understands what is loyal and honesty, and what is love and betrayal, and what is pity and what is love, and what is love and what are words. Words can kill, don't fall for it. Tell a lie once ( twice and more for me because I forgive so easily ) and all the truths you're trying to tell will become questionable.  and try to learn what is appreciate and how to appreciate. and learn to know that every human beings has a heart and they aren't steel except for some ; like you and emotions and they aren't toys. at least try to explore your own emotions, and remember that everyone has one even for the most sadistic souls. and try to look into my eyes because I've seen shits, try to have mercy at least try. Stop being such a heartless bitch.

Karma is a bitch too.

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