Tuesday, April 30, 2013

bored bloodsucker.

I haven't had anything fun outrageous plan these few days except for mother-loads of movies and download as many song as I desires. Hence, I thought it'd be nice to have new artwork after a very long time. I might be mentally and physically affected with the whole vampirism stuff and all. I thought I should do something with my pale visage, red lipstick/gloss is my best friend as they help concealed my pale lips. I have several people around me who think I'm obsessed with red colour, in some ways it's true. It defines me, red is lasciviously racy and sexy, red is a virtue in which I'm emotionally attached to, red is energy which increase my enthusiasm in some way. Somehow, certain human define the color negatively, but it doesn't affect me because we do not have the same taste of life, mine might be a little more interesting than yours so pardon me. This post isn't just about red color, it wasn't my intention to talk about it when I first decided to click the 'write new post' button until I thought I had to a few minutes ago. On the contrary, I was actually up to write something without a first thought and hopefully I could just write something in a fluke. I did it. Because I thought I just have to keep writing to keep posting and to keep updating my blog. I thanked my parents for bringing me in a new era where blogspot is already available, a blog is a man best friend, to some I supposed. But I'll be much grateful if I were born in the early 18th century somewhere in Romania. I will be part of the ancient, that will be much interesting. I thought I have to draft this post but if I do then my moronic siblings would rap the desktop and I would have only 10% of chances to go back to my writing in my blog. My laptop doesn't work well as the browser couldn't load well, probably because infected with demented viruses as I haven't had my anti-virus updated for such a very long time already, I am a lazy ass. There are few more words I'd like to spill here before I will be back before you know it. It's about a birthday party of my frenzy friends last week, both of them, Nikki and Tedy, really weird name because they're both guy haha we had a blast, I did to and I don't need alcohols to make it perfect. I was an alcoholic back then and I quit for almost three years now and it could be forever. I deserve big applause. Back to the birthday party, I had so much fun that night, my favorite part was the junks and mother-loads of food. I'm still an eating machine. I lose and gain, I'm blessed. There are few pictures which I'm still waiting to show in my blog. Once I got them, I'll post them here. so stay tuned. I figure that I really should be 'keek-ing' as my keek pages doesn't have any cool stuffs for now. catch mine I'd post them in my previous post, do subscribe and I'll update as many times as I can. It's quite frantic that I have tons of networking web account back then which some of them I couldn't remember and I lost their login details somewhere in my brain. I need to extinct some of them, I think I need help for that.

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